Refund Policy

1. General

1.1 This Refund Policy (“Refund Policy”) applies to the Service provided by A Dekh through our Website and Application.
1.2 This policy shall be read in line with the Terms specified on the Terms & Conditions page.
1.3 It applies to all the payments you make towards a subscription plan chosen by you.

2. Payments and Refunds

2.1 As per clause 7.1 of the Terms, you have authorised A Dekh to charge the subscription fee as per the selected plan and other additional services that you have selected. Further, as per clause 7.2 of the Terms, you have authorised us to collect any taxes or service charges related to your payment methods.
2.2 All the payments made towards subscription plans of the Service provided by A Dekh are non-refundable.
2.3 In case you wish to cancel or discontinue your subscription in line with clause 7.4 of the Terms, no refund shall be provided. After you cancel your subscription to A Dekh’s Service, you shall continue to access the Service until the billing cycle concludes.
2.4 A Dekh shall not be responsible for refunding the losses incurred by you due to technical glitches or any other issues that may arise while making the payment. In case of failed transactions, the concerned payment gateway shall credit the amount involved back to your source account.
2.5 A Dekh reserves the absolute right to terminate your subscription upon receiving a payment dispute or charge back from a payment gateway.
2.6 In case of a charge back or payment dispute, A Dekh may ask you to pay the applicable chargeback fee or any other outstanding balances accrued due to the chargeback before restoring your subscription.

3. Saving Clause

3.1 Any decision taken by A Dekh concerning the refund of your subscription fee shall be final.