A Dekh Entertainment Limited is a Digital Media Streaming company. We are based in Canada. We serve premium soft erotic content to viewers all across the World. Our aim is to be a market leader in Tasteful, high quality, soft erotica.

A Dekh is one of India's leading Streaming platforms owned by A Dekh Pvt Ltd. It brings to you a Plethora of Videos, Web Series, Movies, Reality Shows, Sitcoms, Short films,Travel Shows, Music Videos and much more.

Established in 2019 A Dekh Pvt ltd. has catered to an array of genres in the field of entertainment. Headquartered in ........, A Dekh Pvt ltd. is started with the vision to expand and entertain western and southeastern countries with affordable rates. It has been envisioned with the belief that stories have the power to change lives and each property on the platform is reflective of this dynamism. A Dekh Pvt ltd. focuses on creating iconic characters and international-quality presentations.

A Dekh Pvt ltd. is owned by ............ He has been in the media space for over 3 decades spanning a gamut of functions as an Editor, Director, Producer and Entrepreneur. He is a Pioneer and Visionary in the world of Television. Coupled with his ability to have a vision for the emerging OTT scenario, to stand out from the clutter of streaming platforms, with discerning content and knowing the pulse of the market in terms of attracting eyeballs, he is the backbone of A Dekh.

It has opened a profusion of opportunities for Artists all over the globe. New talent, with prolific vision and stimulating ideas, are welcomed with open arms. A Dekh Pvt ltd. plays a prominent role in affordable entertainment curated with a team of highly talented and creative personals.

It's not only available as a mobile app for android and iOS users but also for smart TVs for better viewing experience. A Dekh Pvt ltd. is available across 5 different interfaces for its viewers. A Dekh Pvt ltd. is an ultimate window to entertainment and quality viewing.